Double Mitre Saw with Digital Displayer for Upvc and Aluminium LSRJZ2-CNS-450 x 3600

Processing performance and features

  • Suitable for cutting PVC and Aluminium profiles.
  • Angle range: -45°、45°、90°,angle adjusting rotated by manual.
  • The saw is moved by motor drive, easy and convenient operation.
  • Saw blade rotates smoothly due to high accurate main spindle box, steady running with high precision.
  • In feeding controlled by air-hydraulic damper, feeding speed linearity adjustable.
  • Install the mullion cutting device, more convenient and accurate.
  • Both hand concurrent operation button, ensures the operator safety.
  • Has the dust collector, cleaning effectively makes the operator health.
  • Equiped with phase sequence protection device, so that to protect the machine once shut off or misconnect the phase.
  • For LSRJZ-CNS-450 x 3600 Adapting Digital Displayer ruler to realise the digital displayer at the LED Screen. Cutting size is accurate and intuitive.