Four Head Welding Machine (With 0.2mm Seam) SHWZ4A-120 x 4500

Processing Performance and Feature:

  • Suitable for welding Coloured PVC profile and Special Upvc Profiles..
  • Adopt programmable controller (PLC) ensures the machine running more steady and reliable.
  • Double pressing function ensures higher welding strength.
  • The heads can be used individually, combinative or jointly as well as be combined at will.
  • No. 2﹟、3﹟、4﹟head can do horizontal moving so that realized all kinds of welding combination.
  • The fourth head can be used for welding variable angle with the special mold and the angle range from 30°~180°.
  • Professional mould configuration, can provide the design for different profiles ensure the welding quality.
    • The Four head welding machine can be used in various ways. It can do 2 V welding and Corner welding at a time.
    • It can be used for welding one mullion and 2 corners keeping one head idle.
    • It can be used for welding 2 shutter frames separately by two operators working separately.
    • Welding ensures perfect finish and welding joints are more strong and precise as per shape.
    • This is the best machine when 50 above windows are to be made per day.
    • The machine is one of the necessary equipments processing colour PVC win – door, it can achieve the whole welding process independently.
    • It features advanced technology, reliable function, and easy operation. It adopts PC control, pneumatic drive.
    • The 4 machine heads can be used alone or jointly. Through the arbitrary combination, it enables welding for such shapes as ┏、┳、╋、┏┓、┳┳、┳┳┳、┳┳┳┳、┏┳┓、┏┳┳、┏┳┳┓、┣┫、┏┓┏┓.
    • The most advanced machine type in Europe.
    • It can be realized welding the colour profile with 0.2mm seam.
    • Round guide linear motion pare, square guide linear motion pare, small fit clearance; Good rigidity of whole machine; Precise parts and strictly assembling process, high stability.
    • Cylinders, solenoid valves, PLC and low-voltage electric components and pneumatic components etc are all selected strictly, which ensures high reliability.
    • Rigid grasp structure is adopted for the profile positioning system, which could strictly guarantee welding loss and high welding accuracy.
    • Heating-in position timing control, strict conforming to the European standard, ensured high welding corner strength and small fluctuation range.
    • Two-step clamping design and emergency stop-pressure release function, conforming with CE standard, ensures high safety.
    • Especially suitable for high-grade and complex windows manufacturing.

Four Head Welding Machine (With 0