Three Head Seamless Welding Machine (With 0.2mm Seam) SHWZ3-120 x 3500

Processing Performance and Feature

  • Suitable for welding PVC Colour profile and one side Colour profile.
  • Adopt programmable controller (PLC) ensures the machine running more steady and reliable.
  • Double pressing function ensures higher welding strength.
  • The heads can be used individually, combinative or jointly as well as be combined at will.
  • No. 2﹟、3﹟head can do horizontal moving so that realized all kinds of welding combination.
  • The third head can be used for welding variable angle with the special mould and the angle range from 30°~180°.
  • Professional mould configuration, can provide the design for different profiles ensure the welding quality.
  • The centre head can fixed for welding mullion profiles whereas the other two heads can be used for welding the corners.
  • Welding will be perfect because all the welding is done in one stroke itself.
  • When the mullion piece is not in use or in case of Sliding windows , the middle head can be idle when the two heads can be brought nearer for welding slash and smaller window panels.